Stream your files with VLC

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Play your files with VLC streaming

Please notice that some file format can't be play with VLC.
We advice to use XBMC instead of VLC.

  • First, you need to download this software.
  • Please visit official VLC website :

  • Choose the one that suits to your system.
  • Install it as you usually do with others software
  • To stream files with VLC, you need to use your ftp server as database.

To do this,

  • Open your Web browser, then
  • Access to your server with this direct link :
  • Login : Your login. (The one chosen on your order form)
  • pass : Your password (The one chosen on your order form)
  • Your server URL : Your servername without http or ftp.
  • These details are available from your manager in Additional Services section.

How to use your link with VLC

  • Choose the file you want to play by copy the link address.
  • Then, go to VLC, in Media menu, select Open Network Stream

A new window opens:

  1. Paste your link selection into address bar.
  2. Click on Play.


  • Some files format can be not available with VLC.
  • In this case, you can use XBMC media Player.